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Tthe engineers in Warba & Boubyan are studying Al-Khiran Pearl City project owned by La Ala Al-kuwait Real Estate company. The project is in the designing stage. It will cover 6.4 million square meters of waterside development area. Al-khiran pearl City is located 85 km south of Kuwait City
Warba & Boubyan project manager will meet al Tamdeen real estate company to discuss Madinat al Hareer ( City of Silk) and Also to meet with CivicArts / Eric R. Kuhne and Associates. The project will be located at Subiya city in Kuwait. The design of the buildings will cover an area of 250 square kilometers . The city will consists of four main districts : Educational City , Finance City , Leisure City, and Ecological City. The development will include Olympic Stadium, residences, hotels , and retail facilities.
W & B board approves the strategy of Warba & Boubyan in the year of 2017 to invite international companies to execute medium and large projects in Kuwait through partnership and agency ship.

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