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Group Board of Directors

Group Board of Directors

  • Tareq Mohammed Hassan Al-Baghli, graduated from the United States of America with a Bachelor of science degree, and worked at Kuwait International Airport Civil Aviation Department, and served as well at the Kuwaiti Air Force base in the year 1979 - at the time of H.H. Sheikh Salem Al-Sabah, Minister of Defence and also was honoured by the H.H. Amir of hearts Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah (president of Kuwait). He entered the commercial field in the beginning by traveling with his father - the well known Kuwaiti textile merchant Mohammed Hassan Ali Al-Baghli - to Lebanon, Spain and France to choose fabrics and negotiate with major traders in different foreign languages , and in 1983 he resigned from his job at the airport and became a business partner with Sabah (Special Adviser to His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah) at the first Gulf Real Estate company (private share holding company ) specialising in owning and investing in commercial buildings inside and outside Kuwait. In 1995, he Also established Al-Baghli Exchange Company with Tawfiq Al-Baghli ( for local and international financial remittance ) owning several branches. Beside being a member of Al-Baghli family’s board of directors, he still works in commercial activities through participating in public and private projects directly or with partnership with international companies under his management as chairman of W & P Holding Company.

  • Hasan Tareq Al-Baghli worked as an administrative manager in Global Financial Brokerage company in 2003 for two years. After that , he graduated from - the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training - majoring in internal design in 2006. After graduating, he worked as an internal design teacher for seven years. In addition, he owned a jewellery shop. Now, he is working in the ministry of Justice as a secretary of investigation in Court of First Instance.

  • Ali Tareq Al-Baghli was abroad in the United Kingdom for three years since 2004, studying English and Foundation courses. After that, he graduated in 2013 from the American University of Kuwait , majoring in finance and accounting with a GPA of (3.57) . He has been an intern in the Financial control department at the Kuwait International Bank. In addition, he worked in Gulf bank as a teller. Also, he has been studying the the Financial Markets for more than 5 years. Since 2014, he has been working in treasury operations department at commercial Bank of Kuwait.

  • Mohammed Tareq Al-Baghli graduated from -the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training- in 2012 majoring in electricity and electronics. In addition, he is a member in one of Toastmaster’s clubs. Moreover, he worked as an assistant Manager of a showroom in Al-baghli United Sponge company. Now, he is working as an electricity and electronic teacher.

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